Decorating Your Property For A Summer Sale

With the first week of Summer underway, our Williams Landing real estate team have decided to talk about some of the ways that you can decorate the property you’re looking to sell during the hottest parts of the year. Just because the temperature’s rising, doesn’t mean that auctions and private sales are out of the question.

Decorating your property for a summer sale can be quite fun as summer is often associated with happiness and the holidays – so the vibe of your property should reflect that. Today’s blog will be dealing with some ideas to follow as well as something specific that you should steer clear from.

Bright colours

Similarly to spring – summer is the perfect season to decorate your property with bright, pastel colours. Light blues, hot pinks and yellows are all fantastic options that will really pop in the summer sun’s rays. The other benefit of light colours is that they reflect more heat than they absorb – as opposed to darker colours which will just absorb the sun’s heat.

This is especially important to keep in mind when you’re looking at the exterior of your property. If you’re thinking of giving it a fresh coat of paint before it goes on the market – then consider a lighter option.

Island décor

A lot of people like to live as if they’re on holiday all the time. Our Williams Landing real estate team believe that this is actually a very achievable thing with the right décor and setting – especially if you’re trying to sell an apartment or smaller home. Instead of classic chesterfield couches – for example – have a look at some more beige couches with wooden structures and large, comfortable cushions.

Linen pillows with designs stitched into them can also be great at establishing a home away from home vibe. Knitted blankets with large holes in them also look great when draped over the side of a couch. When it comes to the bedrooms, linen sheets and light doonas. You can either traditionally set the bed, or even consider bringing one corner of the doona over to the middle of the bed, exposing bed sheet underneath.

The garden

Instead of large, oversized plants with long leaves that tend to look pretty plain and generic – summer should have some plants and flowers that reflect the season and work well with the natural light. Small incarnations and other colourful flowers will work wonders when planted in neat rows in a flowerbed.

Even little extras like rustic watering cans or little windmill posts that you can put into the ground will go a long way in increasing the curb appeal of the property. If you’re selling an apartment and have a balcony then consider arranging several pot plants in a small area to give the space some character and colour.

Don’t give in to temptation

Whilst the above things are great to do this summer, there is one thing that you may be tempted to do during December that is not the best idea – and that’s decorate your property for Christmas. Whilst it may seem like a good idea, it could distract potential buyers and tamper with their vision of the space and them living there.

This especially applies to the property’s exterior. Try to avoid elaborate Christmas lights and decorations if you can as it will cramp the property and block its true image and aesthetic. If you feel compelled to add a festive touch, then do so in extreme moderation, perhaps a small Christmas tree on a table that’s out of the way.

Looking for Williams Landing real estate experts to help with your sale?

Summer can be quite advantageous for selling a property, and as our Williams Landing real estate team know, there’s a lot you can do with the property to make it more attractive and enticing during the season.

If you’re looking at selling a property, then why not consider going with Red 23 Real Estate. Our real estate die-hards are ready to take your property onto the market and help you every step of the way to ensure that you get the best possible result out of your sale.

Our Williams Landing real estate agents are also able to assist you with purchasing or renting a property if you require. With years of hands-on experience, our agents are well-equipped to service any need you may have and can offer expert advice and tips along the way.

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