Inspecting A House: Buyers Guide

When it comes time to take that leap into the vast and exciting world of buying your first home it can be a bit overwhelming and even daunting at first. There’s a lot of things you need to get in order beforehand. The hardest decision to make, however, is choosing the right home. It’s a massive decision and many factors need to be considered. Today’s guide is designed to help you know what to look out for when inspecting a Williams Landing real estate property.

Signs of mould or water stains

Mould is something that can cause irritation and respiratory issues – especially in asthma sufferers – so keep an eye out for signs of mould. It is usually defined by dark or fuzzy spots. Water stains are less hazardous and are simply visible aberrations that can occur if a water pipe begins to leak or water gets into the area behind the ceiling or wall. A common cause of water stains appearing on a ceiling is due to rain seeping through the roof. This is something worth asking about if you notice water stains on the ceiling.

The roof and exterior

This may not be something you would instantly think of inspecting when it comes to a home inspection but it’s well worth it. You should be asking questions about the condition of the roof and other exterior features such as the gutters and downpipes. 

Keep an eye out for rust in the gutters. Looking up, they may seem fine, but try and get a view from above to ensure a proper and thorough inspection. Ensure the downpipes actually run to storm drains and don’t pool water in the yard. Try to get a view of the roof from above as well. If the home has tiles, then you don’t want any of those tiles to be broken as water will seep through. If some of them are broken, assess how many are broken and whether or not it will be a costly replacement.

Visible details

Things like cupboards and drawers should be inspected closely in every room to make sure that they open and close smoothly and that they are finished nicely. At the end of the day, you don’t want to purchase a home that has rough finishing on its storage units. Be sure to always check out cupboards that are in the kitchen and bathrooms as well to see if any damp smells arise.

This applies to the rest of the house as well. The paintwork and finishing around on things such as the doors and windows should be meticulously investigated. Are there any cracks in the walls? Is the ceiling sagging? You can test if a ceiling is sagging simply by shining a flashlight onto it. If there are any inconsistencies, then it’s up to you to decide if they’re worth riding off the house over or if they’re able to be touched up easily.

Will it suit your needs?

Look for things such as the positions of power points. If you’re someone who roams around the house with your laptop then you’ll probably want a few different points where you can charge it. Are the kitchen appliances sufficient? Will they need to be upgraded? What is the internet speed and mobile data reception like in the house? If you work from home then it’ll be essential to have a good connection.

Electricity and plumbing

Check for leaks in the plumbing where you can. Test the taps in all rooms to make sure the water flow is sufficient. Also, be sure that the electricity is running throughout the house and that all switches work correctly. Look out for any loose, uncapped wires hanging out of walls or ceilings as they can be a potential electrocution hazard.

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