6 Ways To Make Your Property Stand Out: Spring Edition

We’re well into the full swing of spring, which means the average temperature is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. It’s a great time to be out and about with friends, family and loved ones. It’s also a fantastic time to sell your property. We’ve already spoken about how spring is the ultimate real estate season, but today our Williams Landing real estate agents are going to look at what you can do to maximise your return when selling and how you can really make your property stand out from the rest.

1.    Clean and declutter

We’ll get the basic one out of the way first – spring cleaning and decluttering. Anything that doesn’t need to be there shouldn’t be. Vacuum, dust and scrub thoroughly throughout the property and ensure there are no marks or dirty areas that may cause potential buyers to cringe.

Go through each of the rooms and just scan your eyes over it. If something catches your eye and seems out of place, consider removing it as potential buyers will probably feel the same way come inspection time.

2.    Let there be light!

With the gorgeous natural light and weather coming through this season, it’s the perfect opportunity to bring in as much of it as you can. Open all blinds and curtains you have. Consider purchasing sheer curtains with nice patterns so the light can shine it onto the floor or walls.

If you have a skylight then absolutely ensure that nothing is blocking it. Natural light not only looks great but is also much better than artificial lighting when it comes to our eyes and how we concentrate. Natural light will also encourage a better atmosphere.

3.    Go green

Speaking of a better atmosphere, our Williams Landing real estate agents will tell you that combining natural light with indoor pot plants can be great for giving the property a unique personality as well as establishing a better ecosystem. Having indoor plants in your property doesn’t just look nice, but also carries a lot of benefits such as improving one’s mental wellbeing, relieving stress and improving the air quality of the space.

There are a large number of indoor plants that you can purchase to jazz up your property – from a peace lily to a cactus. Also, look for plants with natural aromas to give your home a fresh and organic scent. Artificial scents can sometimes be overbearing and irritate some people. Windowsills are great spots to place them as they’ll soak up the sun’s natural rays. It also goes with spring’s classic floral theme.

4.    The floral season

Spring is strongly associated with blooming flowers and plants as well as floral clothing and patterns. This gives you the perfect excuse to buy those floral-print cushions you’ve been eyeing off but wasn’t sure if they’d fit all year round. Well, they do, and they especially fit a springtime property sale.

Try draping blankets and sheets on the sides of couches for a rustic aesthetic – bonus points if they happen to feature a floral pattern. If you’re not feeling the floral design, then try other bright colours to combine with the natural light. The reflections and effects that they’ll yield can be wonderful if caught at the right angle.

5.    Brighten up the yard

Plants like tulips, daisies and daffodils are fantastic to plant in spring and can really improve your curb appeal. Properties with already established gardens get a lot more attention as some people want gardens but don’t have the time to start their own. If you already have a garden planted and going strong, then potential buyers will be enticed by it.

6.    Minimalist design

Simple and minimalistic designs go a long way in today’s property market. People like to see lots of space with simple furnishings. Apart from the aesthetic value that this adds to the property it also shows the potential of what it can be.

On top of this, the spaciousness allows for potential buyers to use their imagination, making it easier for them to picture themselves living in the property with their own design ideas.

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