7 Tips To Keep Your Home Warm In Winter

There’s no such thing as a warm day in July for Melbourne and unless you’re rugged up with multiple layers – it can be quite uncomfortable. Of course, the last thing you want is to feel numb and freezing in your own home. That is precisely why in today’s blog we’re going to be looking at seven tips to keep your Williams Landing real estate home warm during one of Australia’s coldest months.


1.   Insulation

This is probably the most obvious tip, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t have insulation in their homes. If you don’t then you should get insulation installed ASAP. Without insulation, your home can lose around 25% – 35% of heat during the winter from your ceilings, 15% – 25% from both your walls and air leakage and 10% – 20% from both your floors and windows.

When you add all of those numbers up then you realise it’s quite a lot of heat that’s escaping. You will also end up saving a lot on your energy bills. Insulation is best installed during the construction of a house but can be retrofitted as well. Insulation quality is determined by the R-value.


2.   Don’t block the flow

If you have indoor heating, then it’s important to know how the heat travels around your house. Do not block the vents or ducts by moving your furniture closer to it – this may seem like a good idea at the time, but it will only restrict the heat flow. If you have smaller rooms like bathrooms or laundry’s that don’t have any heat ducts or vents, then close the doors as they’ll just generate cold air and it will counter the heater’s flow and power. Be sure to regularly check that your heating is working. Also, ensure your ducts, vents and filters are cleaned at least twice a year – depending on how often they’re used – as well to ensure they’re operating at maximum capacity when you do need them.


3.   Curtains and blinds

You may have noticed that if you go up to your window in winter, it’ll always be colder than the rest of your house. This is because heat escapes very easily from your windows. Having old–style curtains or blinds in front of your windows works great when it comes to keeping the heat in. You can also double glaze your windows if you want to double the insulation effect. Double glazing essentially leaves a space in between two panes of glass.


4.   Seal up leaks

You may find that your house has some draughts that are escaping through little cracks throughout your home. It’s easy to detect draughts because you’ll be able to feel air escaping. If the crack is near a window, then your curtain may be moving – which is a sure sign that there is draught that will need sealing. There are a variety of products that you can purchase to help seal or stop these leaks, such as weather seal tape, silicone sealant and draught strips.


5.   Rugs

If you have tiles or floorboards – essentially any hard floor that isn’t carpeted – then you should consider putting down large rugs throughout your home. The more insulation there is between your feet and the cold floor, the better. This can also look very stylish if done right.


6.   Fireplaces

If your home has a fireplace then these can offer great sources of immediate heat without having to wait too long. You can move your seats closer to it and sit with a warm drink. Be sure though when you’re not using your fireplace to insert insulation into the open chimney – provided you have one – as this can be a massive area that heat escapes from. If you have an open chimney but don’t use your fireplace at all then you should consider sealing it up permanently.


7.   Blankets

Try keeping a blanket on the couch with you to add extra personal warmth. The right blanket can make you feel comfortably toasty. In the evenings, use a blanket in conjunction with your doona for even more comfort and a good night’s sleep.


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