Rental Inspection Guide

Rental inspections can cause a renter stress because they believe that the landlord will be combing over the property with a fine toothpick and magnifying glass. But the truth is quite far from that. The majority of landlords will only take around 10 – 15 minutes to complete a rental inspection and it will not be as tedious as you might imagine. To help you to prepare for a rental inspection, our Tarneit real estate agents have prepared this guide to help get you through it without a hitch.


Don’t wait till the day before

You should know when your upcoming rental inspection is. Legally your landlord is required to inform you 24 hours prior, but most will tell you a week or so beforehand. Mark it down in your calendar and make sure you set a reminder for yourself a few days beforehand. This way, you can begin to clean things in small doses as opposed to rushing the day before.

This can help in case something comes up and you’re unable to spend the day before cleaning everything. Even completing just one task a day – like cleaning the bathroom or kitchen maintenance – can make a difference in the long run. That way, you’re able to do a quick check on the day to make sure everything is in tip-top condition without hassle before your landlord arrives.


Do you have any issues?

Rental inspections are the perfect time for you to bring up any problems or questions that you may have about the property as well. These can vary, but generally, structural issues and things that are playing up around the house such as lightbulbs are issues that should be brought to the attention of your landlord. If you’ve damaged a window or piece of furniture, however, that is your responsibility to fix it.


Clean thoroughly

This doesn’t need to be done every day, but to help secure your future position within the property, you should make sure you do a thorough clean once a month. Clean the shower floor and the screen, the carpet, floors and kitchen. You should definitely do this at least 2 – 3 days before the inspection so when you go back to do a quick check before your landlord comes, you will only have to do some minor cleaning (if any).

This doesn’t mean you have to slave away on your hands and knees with a cloth, but using some strong cleaning products and removing any stains from particular areas is definitely going to be worth it come inspection time. Your landlord will understand that it will not look like a model display home, but there’s no harm in getting it as close to that as possible.



The Andrews Government passed laws in 2017 which say that every landlord must allow pets (unless there are special circumstances, in which case the landlord may refuse), as long as you’re upfront about this with your landlord when you initially sign the lease. This being said, it will still be a much easier and simpler inspection if your pet were to stay with a friend or relative for the day to avoid any accidental issues arising.

The pet being present may agitate the landlord unnecessarily, or the pet may cause a mess at the last moment. This is why we recommend relocating them for the day to just ensure a smooth rental inspection. This is especially helpful if you yourself are not going to be present for the inspection.


Treat it as you would your childhood home

At the end of the day, it’s where you’re living, so you should be taking as much care as you can to keep it in a presentable and clean order. All the small things like piles of clothes and unwashed dishes should be all taken into account and cleaned up. Go around your house and make a checklist of the things you can visibly see that need to be changed for the inspection.


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