Spring Cleaning: Preparing For Real Estate Photos

As online listings are the most common type for real estate nowadays, the photos representing your home will be drawing in potential buyers – so you’re going to want to make sure they’re on point. The best way to ensure successful photos and an accurate representation of your home is to clean up as much as you can. With spring being the ultimate real estate season, you’ll want to guarantee that everything is in tip-top condition. Luckily for you, this is something a Williams Landing real estate agent can help with. Welcome to spring cleaning!


Depending on the type of person you are, this can either be fairly simple or quite difficult. Grab a container or bag and scan every inch of each room, drawer, cupboard and find non-essentials. This also helps streamline the packing process for moving into your new home. Use separate bags/containers to differentiate between the items you would like to take with you and the items you will be discarding.

Once you have de-cluttered your entire house of non-essential items and trinkets, you can decide what you would like to do with the items you’ve chosen to discard. You can donate them to a charity or, if you have the time, try hosting a garage/yard sale. A yard sale is also a great way to get the word out that you’re selling your home. 

Elbow grease

Once all the minor items are out of the way, you can begin with the fun stuff – vacuuming, sweeping and scrubbing, to ensure that every aspect of your home is the best version of itself. Start with the smaller rooms first and then work your way into the larger spaces. Inspect all corners to ensure that no marks are present. 

Apply the same rule to benchtops and smaller areas where grime could build up. Remember, people are going to come in to inspect your home as well once the listing is up, so you may as well knock out two targets at once. Don’t forget windows and glass surfaces as well – fingerprints can stick out like a sore thumb!

With cleaning products, make sure you’re using the correct ones with the appropriate surfaces to avoid unnecessary streaks from appearing on windows and glass surfaces. This will also allow you to get the full effect of the product. 

The kitchen

There are two places that potential buyers are drawn too when looking at a house and those are the kitchen and bathroom. All cutlery and crockery should be removed from cupboards and drawers so they can be cleaned thoroughly and left in top condition. Appliances should also be disassembled as much as they can be and cleaned – this means taking trays out of the oven and compartments out of the fridge.

The bathroom

When done correctly, the bathroom can seem like the most attractive room in a house. If you have white tiles, then you should especially be cleaning every inch of the room as grime and dirt are most likely to appear on these surfaces. Don’t forget to scrub inside your shower and bathtub as well. Make your bathroom look like a million bucks.

Final review

Once you have de-cluttered and cleaned your entire house, it’s time to go from room to room and just observe. If something seems out of place or if your eye is drawn to something that doesn’t feel quite right, then remove it. You can take it out of the room completely, or, simply rearrange it to a better-suited position.

If something sticks out to you in a negative way, then it’s likely the same thing will happen with a potential buyer. If you need a second opinion, then your real estate agent will be happy to help lend their expert knowledge.

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