Red23 At The Sri Lankan New Year Festival 2019

Sunday March 31st marked a very special day in the calendar: the Sri Lankan New Year Festival! Held in Craigieburn and presented by the North Victoria Sri Lankan Welfare Association every year, the festival celebrates Sinhalese New Year, which is coming up this Sunday April 14th. Red23 Real Estate was honoured to attend and sponsor the event, and to speak to the local community about real estate in Williams Landing and its surrounds. In today’s blog, we’re recapping the festival and how our team contributed to it.


What is Sinhalese New Year?

Sinhalese and Tamil New Year is a significant calendar date for Sinhalese and Tamil households. It is celebrated by most Sri Lankans and usually happens in mid-April every year. The date on which the new year falls depends on astrological movements, meaning it can change from year to year. According to Sinhalese astrology, the movement of the sun from the House of Pisces to the House of Aries is what marks the date of the new year.

On the day of New Year (which is considered to be quite auspicious), families get together for festivities and rituals that mark the end of the harvest season. One of these rituals is the lighting of the oil lamp, which signifies wisdom and guidance. Often, a small brass rooster will be sitting on top of the lamp. Because roosters announce dawn, the rooster on the lamp symbolises new beginnings.

Celebrating the Sri Lankan New Year Festival in Melbourne

The Sri Lankan New Year Festival in Craigieburn was a huge success. The festival encouraged the community to come together in a united celebration of Sinhalese and Tamil cultures. This, of course, meant lots of delicious food! It also meant a beautiful and entertaining opening ceremony, which featured both the Sri Lankan and Australian national anthems. Speakers at the event included the council mayor and our very own Monica Sam – director of Red23!

Many activities ran throughout the day. We got to witness a beauty pageant, take part in some volleyball and running sports, marvel at the lighting of the oil lamp and even appreciate a live performance of the traditional Sri Lankan Kandyan dances.

Red23 and the Sri Lankan New Year Festival 2019

This year, Red23 Real Estate proudly took part in the Sri Lankan New Year Festival in Craigieburn as major sponsors of the event. We believe in supporting Melbourne’s beautiful multicultural landscape and creating residential communities that are welcoming and safe for everyone.

This philosophy is reflected in our real estate team, too. Our experienced real estate agents come from a variety of different backgrounds and can speak over 10 languages collectively, which helps to strengthen our understanding of the local community and shapes our success in the industry.

Besides sponsoring and participating in the Sri Lankan New Year Festival this year, Red23 also took the time to speak to the community of Craigieburn (real estate is our passion, after all!). We spoke to community members about all things real estate – from advice for first home buyers, to tips for families looking to upsize their homes.

Check out some of our team members taking part in the festival.


Real estate in Williams Landing with a difference

When choosing a real estate agent, one of the most important qualities to look out for is comfort. A good real estate agent will take the time to understand your needs and any concerns or doubts you may have along the way. Being able to have honest, open discussions with your real estate agent is absolutely crucial in having a clear understanding of what you can achieve. One way to tell if your real estate agent has your best interests at heart is to take note of their relationships with other clients and the community.

At Red23 Real Estate, we pride ourselves on creating and maintaining great relationships with our clients and the local community. We believe in diversity, and it is our strength in building better communication between people that gives our real estate team in Williams Landing the leading edge in the industry.

Looking to buy, rent or sell a property? Our team in real estate in Williams Landing is well-equipped to help you succeed. With years of experience as a team and exclusive access to key industry resources, not only will you feel comfortable with our friendly and passionate agents – you’ll feel confident.

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